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. >> the lockerbie bombing. the u.s. senator in charge of the inquiry said his committee will come to britain for answers. ferry in the u.s. military over the afghan wikileaks. >> the truth must come first. first the truth because without the truth, no public policy is going to work. >> hello. the oil giant bp announced a multibillion-dollar losses and in the wake of the gulf of mexico spill. it also has a new chief executive to take over from beleaguered -- beleaguered boss tony hayward. the company has allocated more than $72 billion to cover the cost of the spill. this is cold comfort to be thousands of people whose lives have been blighted by the disaster. as peter marshall reports from louisiana, bp may be in for one of the biggest and longest battles in oil spill history. >> people say the petrochemical industry is just as dangerous. there are a lot of industries that are dangerous. this is just unsafe. >> by nature, and he is attacks and the thrill seeker. he is a profession of lawyer. he is about to swoop on to bp. and jump ♪ad >> bp has a routine of taking more risks and and their
, this is "gmt" on bbc world news. the u.s. gets tougher on north korea. new sanctions targeting the country's elite intended to stem the funding of the regime's nuclear program. >> north korea can halt its provocative behavior, threats, and belligerence toward its neighbors. >> we take you into the camps of the pkk as the circus -- as the turkish separatist leader talks about ending the armed struggle if the conditions are right. and a special report on the export trade of asbestos to developing countries. hello, welcome to "gmt." i'm david eades. if you're luxuries' and arms, the latest sanctions imposed by the u.s. and north korea marked a further attempt by washington to stem the country's nuclear ambitions. u.s. secretary of state said on the visit to the capital of south korea that it was part of an attempt to stamp out illegal money-making ventures aimed at funding the nuclear program. we can go live to seoul to join our correspondent. john? >> hillary clinton spoke about the six decades that america and south korea have been standing shoulder to shoulder through the struggle of war a
entering the country legally or spying. -- illegally or spying. >> north korea has called u.s. plans and south korea's plans a threat to global security. 20 ships and submarines and 100 aircraft are to take part in four days of maneuvers. >> the american secretary of state, hillary clinton, arriving in seoul. her message here on the subjects was vietnam is on the path to becoming a great nation with unlimited potential, but the u.s. would like to see improvements in this human rights record. she is also a here for this regional forum of the association of southeast asian nations. >> if the u.s. is really interested in the denucl earization, it should halt the military exercises and sanctions that destroyed that. hillary clinton came to vietnam from the south korean capital where she and the u.s. defense secretary, robert gates, laid flowers for the sailors who died in march on the sinking warship. north koreans strongly denied being involved. the wreckage it is a backdrop to new tensions on various fronts. new u.s. sanctions targeting north korea's leadership and joined south korean
and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> at the u.s. steps up efforts to find those behind a leak of military secrets. presidents karzai say it puts afghan formants in danger. >> we consider that concern -- we consider that extremely irresponsible. >> the british prime minister and his trip to india defending his comments about pakistan's record on tackling terrorism. we report from the heart of the terrorist threat -- a town plagued by suicide bombings. >> people tell us is important that we should not say -- should not stay in any one place for about 20 minutes for our own safety. it has become one of the most dangerous places in pakistan. >> welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast on pbs in america and also around the globe. coming up later for you -- a french woman admits killing eight of her newborn babies, trying to hide the births from her husband. and the new starlet of indian cinema with a famous father talks about turning jane austen and to a bollywood blockbuster. >> in the first afghan government reaction to the wikileaks inv
cameron heads to the u.s. were critics are circling. major orders for the aviation giant, as the world's biggest air show takes off. hello, and welcome to "gmt." money for pakistan, that is the gist of hillary clinton's latest visit to as lombok. she announced new aid for the country, money to be invested in civilian projects as part of a long-term american commitment in the region. she is scheduled to attend a major conference in couple where 40 nations will try to chart a course for the country. stability in afghanistan still seems a long way off. the taliban remain strong and may feel strongly urge the more it hears of troop withdrawal. emily buchanan reports >> america's alliance with pakistan is under strain. u.s. secretary of state has a drive to shore it up. as she met the foreign minister, misses clinton said there was a perception among pakistanis that america's commitment to them was purely because of the war against the taliban. >> we are committed to building a partnership with pakistan that of course strengthen security and protect the people of pakistan but goes beyond se
with former u.s. senator sam nunn and the increasing tension caused by iran's nuclear ambitions. he serves as the co-chair of the nuclear threat initiative. recently the u.n. and u.s. announced a new round of sanctions against iran for failing to comply with previous restrictions. also, levar burton is here. he is back with a new film called "the jensen project," premiering friday night on nbc. sam nunn and actor lavar burton, coming up right now. -- sam nunn and actor levar burton, coming up right now. >> all i know is his name is james, and he needs extra help with his reading. >> i'm james. >> yes. >> to everyone making a difference, you help us all live better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and answer, nationwide insurance is happy to help tavis improve of financial literacy and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one conversation at a time. nationwide is on your side. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: sam nunn is a former u.s. senator from g
." leaking secrets about the afghan conference, u.s. documents reveal nearly 200 civilians were killed in unreported incidents. the papers show evidence that iran and pakistan supported the taliban insurgency. >> fiction that is being sold as intelligence. >> guilty of crimes against humanity, the first conviction of the khmer rouge regime in cambodia. permission to leave, the head of bp, the company still struggling to bring an end to the gulf of mexico oil spill. what are the latest sanctions due to be imposed by the european union? hello, welcome to "gmt." the leak of secret military documents, killed by nato forces but never reported. more than 90,000 military records offer a glimpse into the raw intelligence gathered in afghanistan from 2004 to 2009. publishing confidential documents on the internet, the guardian newspaper in britain, new york times, were given to -- given advance access. first, this report from family you can in. >> a massive picture of war without the public relations block. the failures of the afghan campaign have been revealed for the first time. this whistleb
be on his orders. he also condemned the leak of u.s. military documents, revealing names of afghans working to defeat the taliban. >> they are lives, and those lives could be endangered. therefore, we consider that extremely irresponsible, and an act we cannot overlook. >> is this the fine line between diplomacy and honesty? david cameron defense of remorse about pakistan on his trip to india. the heat is on for arizona, the court ruling blocks of the new laws against immigration. warning about historical the low levels of plankton, feeding into the climate debate. hello, and welcome. the afghan president, karzai, is pulling no punches. he has urged the u.s.-led allies to take stronger actions about terrorist sanctuary's beyond his orders -- in clear reference to pakistan. only the international committee was capable of actually doing something about it, he said. he also condemned the recent leak of u.s. military documents. >> the afghan government has been cautious until now about commenting, since the avalanche of material appeared on the website this week by wikileaks. those of publish t
for suspects arrested in the u.s.. some of the world's most influential scientists are cleared of hiding key data to exaggerate global warming. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, they are blind and deaf, and this is really theater group is a big hit on broadway and in london. and spain celebrants' making it to the world cup final, beating germany 1-0. -- and spain celebrates making it to the world cup final, beating germany, 1-0. >>> hello. britain has confirmed its troops are being moved out of an afghan province of homeland, where the have taken heavy casualties. 1/3 of all british losses have been in helmand province. american forces will take over in far greater numbers, described officially as the redeployment. the taliban as likely to portray it as a victory for them. frank gardner has this report. >> more than 90 britons have died fighting here. it is by far the most dangerous place to serve, or roadside bombs and cyprus and the cliffs eclipsed much of the progress. soon, it will be america's problem. british forces will be
because the turks have been very upset with the u.s. policy toward iran. they see it as too confrontational. the problem is that the americans are not in an advice- taking mode. actually we're not very good at taking advice in general. we're actually used to giving advice. the idea that we should have partners in the middle east who have other ideas about how to approach the crises there. we should maybe adjust our policies according to what our friends in the neighborhood suggest. it's something we're just not ready for. and so senator kerry on the broadcast here recently said to me, you know, turkey speaks to and has resonance with the arab street today, number one. number two, they're in a contest for leadership in the arab world. >> you're absolutely right. i wouldn't say just the arab world but the whole middle east. turkey is now able to play a role that no other country can play. how did turkey get to this position? because it's only been ten years that turkey has been really active in the world. before that turkey was just the loyal faithful foot soldier of the u.s.
-- maybe. u.s. and russia revive cold war memories as they appear to trade agents in the heart of europe. they lived a deep undercover in the u.s. for years. now it seems russia's tense buys next door are headed for moscow. bentley blast and pakistan. at least 45 killed in a suicide attack outside of a government office. as world cup final weekend loans, has the tournament's given and lasting boast to the host nation? we will be reporting from south africa. >> now known even better than before that it is a country that can do things difficult for others to do. >> hello, and welcome to "gmt." the biggest exchange of spooks since the cold war, and a story that has been unfolding over the last minutes and hours. 10 russian agents arrested in the u.s. less than tv -- two weeks ago, indiana, after revealing their true identities in new york. parking alongside a jet believed to have flown in from moscow. it is believed four men convicted of spying for the west were on board. both planes took off in the last few minutes. here is the very latest. >> russian agents who live double lives and the a
the stage for the largest russia-u.s. spy swap since the cold war. in new york, 10 people plead guilty to spying. allegations of a bomb plot in norway. three men arrested on suspicion of links to al qaeda. thousands rally at the solidarity march for captured israeli soldier to return to jerusalem. a warm welcome to bbc world news, broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later for you, could this be the future of air travel? the plane powered by the energy of the sun. and fifa promises action over the refereeing mistakes at this world cup. the bbc is told they'll be changed in time for 2014. >> in a new york court, 10 people accused of spying for russia have pleaded guilty and ordered deported. it seems to be part of a prisoner swap between the american and russian government, the largest since the cold war. a u.s. prosecutor says russia agreed to release a number of prisoners, it's believed up to four. >> this evening, in a new york court, the final pieces of a spy swap looked to be falling in place. the 10 people arrested last week as russian undercover spies appea
in switzerland at the request of the united states. he was told today he is a free man. he is wanted in the u.s. in connection with his conviction for having sex with a 13-year- old girl 30 years ago. swiss authorities said the u.s. did not make a convincing argument for his extradition. >> two months in a swiss jail. eight months under house arrest at his luxury shall i in the alps, in less legal wrangling, but now, switzerland has finally decide what to do about roman polanski. >> this morning, i have informed the lawyer of mr. polanski. i have also informed the ambassadors of the united states, france, and poland. it is also the case that the freedom-restricting measures against mr. polanski have been lifted. that is the electronic monitoring has been detached. >> it is nonsensical that an extradition demand should be formulated like this. it was based on information and facts that are erroneous, full of lies, and, as mr. polanski wrote in the only occasion when he broke his silence, he feels that he has already been punished. >> the decision not to extradite roman polanski is based on conti
will also be live in the gulf of mexico to get live reaction. >> thank you, david. the u.s. military in iraq has been strongly criticized for failing to account properly for billions of dollars received to help build the country. a federal watchdog says that 96% of the funds are unaccounted for. i asked our correspondent about how much money is missing. >> $8.7 billion according to this report here. the u.s. apartment of the fence 's financial management control was unable to properly account for $8.7 billion out of $9.1 billion for funds received it for development in iraq. this was money that came from the proceeds of the sale of iraqi oil and gas and some from the frozen assets of the saddam hussein era. submitted between 2004 and 2007 for reconstruction projects. >> nato forces in afghanistan have recovered the remains of one of two american servicemen that when missing last friday after driving out of the military base without an escort. afghan officials said that negotiations are still ongoing for the release of the second man. >> negotiation, since the capture of the men on friday, ha
as conservation measures kick in, water shortages are growing. in the u.s., western fights over water rights have existed since the west was settled by european immigrants. now water shortages are growing more critical nationwide and spreading to the east. we take a look at the impact the nation's growing population has on this precious natural resource. 2007 was a record year for eastern u.s. water shortages. the associated press reported in october 2007 that, quote, an epic drought in georgia threatens the water supply for millions. florida doesn't have nearly enough water for its expected population boom. the great lakes are shrinking. upstate new york's reservoirs have dropped to record low. across america the picture critically clear, the nation's fresh water supplies can no longer quench its thirst, end quote. that passed but water shortages in the east are becoming more common place. >> we look at the southeastern united states, it was a long time period which droughts were not that serious. but we've had too two major droughts higher over the last decade and at the same time, i think what
, a man who knows afghanistan and pakistan well and who the u.s. military is increasingly listening to. >> i think one of general mcchrystal's legacies is that the elders really felt that we were there to listen and help them. although he was called the architect of the kandahar operation, which means hope in pashto, which was supposed to materialize, he, by the means of the elders, was advised not to do this operation. >> charlie: pakistan's ambassador to the united states, and greg mortenson. next. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. ♪ >> additional funding provided by these funders. >> and by bloomberg. a provider of multimedia captioning sponsored by rose cmunications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: in the first public reaction, today, to the leaking of the documents about afghanistan and pakistan, president obama said that he was concerned about the leaks but there was no new information coming from them. >> while i'm concerned about the disclosure of sensitive information from the battlefield that could potentially jeopar
legality and international norms. >> the u.s. wants these vital allies in the region to patch up their differences. american pressure is certainly being felt, but for turkey is hard line stance and it is winning fans and the middle east. >> israel definitely violated international law and violated the lives of those peaceful protestors who showed solidarity with the people of gaza. to break the siege that is called declared to be illegal -- >> turkey has a lot to lose from a complete break with israel. its armed forces would have to find new sources for much of the sophisticated equipment it uses against kurdish militants. but a biggest -- the biggest cost is playing the role of the regional power. a role that depends on it being able to talk to everyone. >> israel today has set out new rules governing the gaza blockade. the prime minister is about to start a visit to washington and president obama has long been urging israel to lift the blockade entirely. israel is not doing that, but its new list will specify the items not allowed in. restrictions have been lifted on food and c
legislation makes it extremely difficult for foreigners to seek -- sued the u.s. government over acts of war. >> the bbc has invited the pentagon to comment, we have had no response. no hesitation on the subject of north korea. we are targeting the leadership and their assets. that was the message from hillary clinton today as she announced further sanctions against north korea. tensions in the area have been rising, our correspondent has the report. >> hillary clinton was given her first of close glimpse of north korea. the u.s. secretary of state's visit to the heavily fought -- heavily fortified border was a part of the symbolism of this trip, a show of support for their south korean and allies. at a press conference, mrs. clinton made clear that there was substance. >> today i am announcing a series of measures to increase our ability to prevent north korea's proliferation and halt their illicit activities that funds their weapons programs as the surge brings more provocative action. these are aimed at the procurement of material. >> punishment for no. 3 apostle legend torpedo into the w
by u.s. authorities. details are still emembers of the jurying about the settlements, part of the network of russians the u.s. says operated under deep cover. one 28-year-old was reportedly a diplomat's daughter who worked in london before moving to new york to set up a property business. court papers say they used invisible i think, coded radio broadcasts all while living apparently normal suburban lives. and while it may be making the front page, moscow's already playing down the arrests. one foreign men industry official said he doesn't expect the incident to harm relations with the u.s. >> you can keep up to date with all the latest developments. go to this clickible map you can see of the spies' hideouts in the united states. turkey has confirmed it held its first high-level meeting with israel after the rowe. nine people, mostly turkish activists died after their ship was stormed. >> how ties between turkey and israel had been affected. >> so far it's been mostly military ties. some of the bureaus will remember. throughout past month two israeli military flig
throughout the country by 2014. >> conrad black called out of jail as the u.s. appeals court considers his appeal. also, we will go live to where europe's biggest ever defense project is on display at the world's biggest air show. hello, welcome. troop withdrawal. self policing, accommodating the taliban. these are critical issues to afghanistan's future, which are on the table at an international conference. >> welcome to the afghan capital. today on everyone's mind is 2014. that is the date that the president said he would like his security forces to take responsibility for security right across this country. he laid out in even greater challenge saying that some parts of the country could come under their control transfer from international security forces as early as this year. it is the start of what many are calling a transition, a transition supported by the international community as well. the clock is ticking, and this is already a critical year. starting with the london conference and now this cobkabhl conference. to go more than 40 -- >> more than 40 prime ministers are attendin
respond to countries, iran, north korea, anyby else, you ask why the u.s. and russia have access to nuclear weapons? and until and unless they get rid of theirs, if we have the capacity ensigns to build our own, why should the u.s. and russia be the only ones with access to nuclear capacity? >> the nonpareil for rationed treaty which was signed in 1968, -- the non-proliferation treaty which was signed in 1968 has three pillars. one is the weapons states will step by step get rid of their weapons. that is the u.s. and other countries that had weapons at that time. second, the countries that signed the treaty that did not have weapons will not develop them, including iran and north korea. third, every country has the right to civil nuclear power. there are three legs on that stole and we'll have to enforce and live up to the obligations of that. -- there are three legs on that stool and we all have to enforce and live up to the obligations of that. you cannot tell people to stop smoking law you are chain- smoking yourself, so this all goes together. everybody has to live up to thei
bombing, former justice secretary jack straw considers testifying before the u.s. senate. power of the drones. taliban admits u.s. attacks are disrupting their activities. hello, welcome to "gmt." i'm david eades. tropical storm bonnie has been blazing a trail through the caribbean and is headed toward the gulf of mexico. that of course puts the bp oil spill operation directly in the line of sight. at the u.s. government ordered dozens of ships to leave the area, raising the prospects of a further delay in plugging the well once and for all. incident commander said the well would remain capped while the ships to move out, but work on a relief well may be delayed for up to two weeks. >> the churning winds and rain squalls accompanying tropical storm bonnie have already been a new worry for the people of haiti still struggling to recover from the catastrophic earthquake in january. the biggest concern here is for those still without adequate shelter six months on. in the bahamas, two signs of the winds gathering strength with forecasters predicting that this year's hurricane seaso
actually be there. but what happens is that because for example, u.s.a.i.d.-- again an organization that has a lot of good will in it-- it also moves with the political agendas of the united states government and so project... projects or assignments or those that are applied for by n.g.o.s become limited to those things which go straight along with the u.s. agenda. so these are the kind of things that have to be thought out very very clearly. one of the kind of no-brainers in things where i would encourage people to put money is in rubble clearing. >> this is jean baptist and this was one of the main streets. this is the area we're working on clearing now. >> this corner, people stay here like late at night. they're having fun here, there was a t.v. here, there was water here, but most of the people used to hang out here. >> so this was like the town square. >> exactly. >> rose: time after time when ski people about haiti, that's what they say, you need to get rid of the rubble. >> you'll do no harm by clearing the streets to let the haitian people make their own country. >> rose:
24 hours of questions, the u.s. government orders bp to press on with the key pressure test on it it's blown out well in the gulf of mexico. world cup fever gives way to budget bliss. the prime minister spain warned of tough times ahead. -- world cup fever gives way to budget blues. and the iranian nuclear scientist who surfaced in washington is on his way home. welcome -- welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- a guided tour around the disputed land. our correspondent gets are rare glimpse inside tibet. the chinese government is never far away. in this special report from the tropical mountain forests of kenya and the fight to protect this east african paradise. hello to you. the u.s. government has ordered bp to proceed with a key pressure test on its blown out well in the gulf of mexico. the point is to establish whether they should press ahead and sealed the well completely. officials held the work up for 24 hours until bp could answer the question if this could do more harm
the earthquake. shortly after the earthquake the u.s. government announced they were going to grant temporary protected status. they're talking about giving haitians who have not been applying for it and the numbers the u.s. would have liked -- going back to your larger question. one thing i have noticed is there is more compassion on the part of the u.s. government toward haiti. and toward the policy that the u.s. is 6000. a lot of haitians will tell you if it meant a lot when president obama said we will be there for as long as it takes and will do whatever it takes to get haiti on its feet again. haitians are looking at that to say, we will take you at your word. let's see how we can work together to build a haiti that is much better than the one in existence on january 11. tavis: me it took the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives tuesday that u.s. compassion come to bear. what is your sense of how the haitian people are feeling about this situation? tell me what your senses. >> one of the things that i say about the haitian people as i have been there four times since the earthquake, i
. >> but the taliban have admitted that the attacks have disrupted their activities. u.s. officials told the bbc that over 600 militants have been killed in strikes since president obama took office, and very few civilians. many in pakistan think they're politicians support the attacks, a charge the government in islamabad denies. >> i hope the u.s. will consider its. give us the technology. we know where to, how to do it. then we will have ownership. when this thing happens, people will recognize it. >> some of those who fled the area say they are sick of the politics and the violence. >> i moved because of my children's safety. i do not know who to blame. islamabad, washington, or the taliban. we just cannot bear it anymore. >> it will take a long time for northwest pakistan to get out. america insists the strikes must continue to be part of the solution. bbc news. >> our coverage is also available via world service radio today and on line as well. there is a fat file, detailed maps -- there is a fact file, the tell the house, and the views of one pilot who worked in afghanistan's helmand prov
, david. more news coming in from reuters, french police say that three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening mail. it is not known what caused that poisoning. three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poison after opening mail. let's get to the rest of the day's headlines. >> david, thank you. in northwest pakistan over 300 people have been killed in the worst drug busts the country has seen in 80 years. washing away cattle, roads, and bridges. forecasters say that more rain is on the way. they said they fear the death toll will go much higher because many areas are inaccessible to rescue teams. >> thousands of soldiers according to the pakistani army are involved in those rescue operations. we have seen extraordinary television pictures of villages being washed away. many of them are mud brick, of course. entire villages were wiped away. livestock and people being carried away by the water, very large districts that are entirely submerged. we have seen footage of people clinging to rooftops. we hear that about 9
made me unconscious, then transferred me to the u.s. aboard a military plane. >> under the watchful eye of an iranian deputy foreign minister, he gave more details of his treatment by the americans. >> within the first two months, i was subjected to fierce mental and psychological torture by agents and interrogators by the u.s. central intelligence agency. >> at the cia, they have a very different story. sources have told the american media that shahram amiri was paid $5 million for coming to the united states. he came to us freely and left as freely, said american officials. they believe the video messages sent by mr. shahram amiri back from the united states to iran, in which he related details of his alleged kidnapping, was an attempt by him to get back into favor with the iranian government so he could return to his family. the americans say he has given important information about the nuclear program. mr. shahram amiri denies he is a top nuclear scientist, it's -- insisting he is a simple researcher. the truth may never emerge. even if he was a defector, the iranian authorities hav
will be payable to the u.s. government. >> one of the criticisms is that, after the explosion, you were a bit to focus on the financial impact and not on the human tragedy of the individuals who lost their lives. >> in every crisis, there are things of that i could have done differently. once we are through all of this, we can look back and draw conclusions and learn from this. >> no questions at all, please. >> if the blow on the right cannot answer questions about the bp future, maybe those who have pension funds should worry. >> another story that involves bp, the u.s. senate committee investigating the release of the only man convicted of the lockerbie bombing has put off the hearing is scheduled for thursday. robert menendez, who was about to take care, has announced the postponement because key witnesses have refused to appear. he was very critical. >> it is utterly disappointing. it is pretty outrageous that's none of the key witnesses will cooperate with our request to answer questions before the senate foreign relations committee. the have stonewalled. each side has claimed innocence
and supported by the u.s.. >> i recall that comment from bush. immediately after he gave that speech he came to a studio in new york at the embassy. my crew had him on this program. we interviewed him shortly after that speech. it was a fascinating day to talk to him. >> in the film we have kirschner, his friend. he says that he likes to go chavez as a friend, but he needs to think about a successor. right now the system needs to be made sure it works. >> that does not bother you? that he is setting himself up to be like castro? >> there is always an norris scrooge -- enormous scrutiny on the election. not only do they have an electronic balances, but at the same time they have two groups. far better than florida in 2000. there was a 75% turnout. better than obama. >> whe is putting off referendums. saying that he once had a third term. is hard going down there. i will not say that it is easy, but i will give you an example. he fires people that are his friends because of corruption. sometimes you get a post in the government position and you steal. the moment they get fired they go to the p
relationship but as the new prime minister visits the u.s., how close are these the two leaders devastating floods in china and they are putting pressure on the recently completed three gorges dam. coming up later, as the north korean spy, she blew up an aircraft. now she is a best-selling author. why she is visiting japan. the warning that this activity could live up to its grim name, it is called >> hello and welcome. -an army recruit has turned up n foreigners, this time in two american civilians were shot dead at a training base in afghanistan. on an afghan soldier and a suspected gunmen were also killed. this is the second incident in as many weeks and it comes as representatives of from 70 countries descended on the capital to discuss the future of the country. the president of hamid karzai says that he would like afghan troops to take over total responsibility. >> he is the president of the nation at war but he has been accused of presiding over a cop and sissy -- over incompetency and corruption. now he is being touted as a man who can turn this around. more than 70 representatives
a timing issue. for example, the repatriation back to the u.s. and avoiding double taxation and bringing money back from overseas for u.s. investment, coupled with some accelerated tax benefits on an investment in the u.s. could change in the discussions the one on. >> talking about lowering the tax rate for corporations -- >> accelerating the tax rate is what we are talking about. moving the tax deductions up, so you don't give them away, just make them part of the stimulus package and tap into the strong balance sheets to get the thing moving. >> talking about competitiveness and the council on competitiveness. for a person did to this whole idea, how would you describe that in a minute, just who, what, when? i mentioned university presidents, labor leaders, business executives -- what is the goal question my is it a think tank, is that a brain trust? you have a lot of firepower when you put all of these people together? >> obviously this group is committed to understanding what is going on in the global economy and how it affects america. >> it is a global economy, right? >> it is nev
the accusations made in u.s. military documents. >> this is being called intelligence, but it is not. >> we understand that the chief of bp is settling down in october with a pension of $900,000 each year. a war crimes court finds the khmer rouge chief guilty of crimes against humanity. broadcast viewers on pbs in america and around the globe, coming up later, the sanction squeeze, europe adopts a tough on iran to curb its uranium enrichment program. a spanish man who has undergone the world's first full face phrase -- faced transplant faces the camera as four months after surgery. it is the biggest leak in american military history and it might fuel growing doubts about current strategy in afghanistan. more than 90,000 documents detailing the actions of western forces disclosed on the internet. suggesting far more afghan civilian deaths denn have been officially acknowledged, suggesting that pakistani intelligence has been corresponding with the taliban. >> on authorized, unprecedented, embarrassing, it has been called the biggest ever leak of classified military documents since the vietna
and state secrets. the geologist was detained in 2007 after arranging the sale of the oil industry -- to u.s. employers. it was classified as a state -- their allegations it was classified as a state secret only after it was sold. poland seems to have voted in favor of improving relations with the rest of the european union and russia. it was a cliffhanger but moderate conservative komorowski appears to be the next polish president. the vote was triggered by the death in a plane crash of the twin brother of the previous president earlier this year. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in the georgian capital. he will be working to assure the president that he has the american support. at the same time have to be careful not to antagonize russia. the two neighbors brought a -- fought a brief war two years ago. she flew in from armenia where she has been holding talks about efforts to resolve the long- running territorial disputes with neighboring azerbaijan. a 12-hour strike against rising fuel prices is paralyzing business and other services in parts of india. walkout have been organiz
and alerting the crews at the scene of a crime. it may seem like an unlikely duet in philadelphia, the former u.s. secretary of state, condoleezza rice and aretha franklin, getting together for charity. she accompanied the queen of soul in one of her best known songs and raising money for the privilege children -- underprivileged children. good to have you with us on bbc world news. still to come, misery and highland horror, choosing victims carefully. doctors have warned that an obesity epidemic is putting thousands of pregnant mothers and their unborn babies at risk. new device is being issued about managing weight during and after pregnancy for women to reduce the chances of diabetes, high blood pressure, and miscarriage. >> kate gave birth to her son four weeks ago with a relatively straightforward pregnancy. with a body maxed index over 30, she was considered obese. >> i tried to stick to the healthy diet as much as possible. you find that as you lose no weight and become bigger it is disheartening. >> these pregnant woman were taking part in a exercise class, the kind of activity encouraged
getting nuclear weapons. >> it is a matter of rebuilding confidence that the u.s. will stand by them. for the u.s. to understand this administration is committed to moving ahead with peace. >> the last time he made the journey is meeting with president obama ended badly. the president ran out of patience. the israeli prime minister did not even get a photograph. this time he got video. >> i believe prime minister netanyahu once peace. during our conversation he a reaffirmed his unwillingness to engage in serious negotiations with palestinians. >> i will have to paraphrase mark twain. the reports about the demise of the u.s. relations are not just premature, they are wrong. >> then mr. obama took the unusual step of walking his guests to the car. the message that they can get along, but policy differences still remain. >> military prosecutors in israel have charged a soldier with killing a woman in gaza. he shot an unarmed woman who was among a group of palestinian with white flags. officials say other soldiers are being investigated. the top american commander in iraq warned a peacek
cases of autism and what are autm's early warning signs? we'll ask u.s. congressman, chris smith, co-chairman of the congressional coalition for autism research and education and lee glues man, president and ceo of the autism society of america. if. for such a small if i live to a hundred. if social security isn't enough. if my heart gets broken. if she says yes. we believe if should never hold you back. if should be managed with a plan that builds on what you already have. together we can create a personal safety net, a launching pad, for all those brilliant ifs in the middle of life. you can call on our expertise and get guarantees for the if in life. after all, we're metlife. >>> chairman smith and lee grossman, welcome. >> thank you. >> what are the early warning signs of an autistic child? lee grows man? >> there is numerous early warning signs. primarily one of the things a parent will first notice is the child doesn't seem to be responding to them. there will be lck of eye contact. they may have some speech developing as an infant and lose it as they grow older. it doesn't see
. a u.s. aid organization comes under attack in northern afghanistan. at least four people are reported to have been killed. a storyline worthy of james bond. new revelations about one of the women accused by u.s. authorities of spying for russia. and the world cup in south africa, it's the first day of quarter finals. can ghana really be the black stars of all africa? >> hello and welcome to g.m.t. the suicide bombers who killed more than 40 in the pakistani city of lahore planned their attack with murderous precision. the target was a popular sufi religious shrine packed with thousands of worshipers. the two blasts were timed to cause maximum casualties. pakistani officials condemned the blast, but it's not yet clear who carried out the attack. ali maqbool reports from islamabad. >> the security cameras failed to save lives, but they did catch the last chilling moments of the bombers. first seen running through the shrine, ahead of a large explosion. police say the second bomber made it inside the building itself before blowing himself up. they say the aftermath was all the more horri
the end of the cold war seems to have been successfully completed. 10 russian agents arrested in the u.s. last week have been flown back to moscow. 24 hours ago, they pled guilty to conspiracy in new york. four people in prison in russia for spying have been flown out of moscow. two have gone to the uk, and the other two have landed outside washington, d.c. we have this report. >> the international spy swap touches down in britain. this afternoon at the plane carrying four men released from russia arrived in oxfordshire. it is believed two remain in britain while two others remained on the plane when it took off again. a few hours earlier, a swap occurred at a vienna airport. two planes and that on the tarmac. coming out of their prison cells in russia, four men. igor sutyagin -- a nuclear weapons researcher accused of spying for the cia. he expects to remain in britain. alexander zaporozhsky, a former kgb officer convicted of treason for spying for the u.s.. gennady vasilenko, a former kgb major accused of working for the cia. and sergei skripal , a colonel in military -- sergei skripa
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